26 aprile 2017. Lezione di Martynas Petrikas

Il 26 aprile 2017 si svolgerà una lezione dottorale in inglese a cura del prof. Martynas Petrikas dell’Università di Vilnius, Lituania.

Ex Vetrerie Sciarra
Via dei Volsci, 122 – Roma
Aula 11 – Ore 15-19

Lezione di Martynas Petrikas
[the lecture will be held in English]

From Theatrical Event to Its Contexts

The aim of my lecture is to discuss the methodological framework that allows to expand scope of traditional theatre historiography. In contrast to postitivist historiography, contemporary theories such as Willmar Sauter’s idea of “theatrical event” and Thomas Postlewait’s model that connects theatrical practice to its immediate context(s) prove to be useful for more nuanced and deeper understanding of developments in theatre history.
I will begin with a short introduction to development of main trends in historiography (historicism, positivism, post-positivism), to arrive to contemporary ideas of theatrical eventness and its contexts. The theoretical discussion will be supported with examples coming from my own research on Lithuanian theatre.

Martynas Petrikas (dr.) is an associate professor at the Institute of Creative Media, Vilnius University (Vilnius, Lithuania). His fields of interest among others are: social aspects of theatrical practice, history of Lithuanian theatre, and history and theory of theatre criticism. M. Petrikas is a member of the International Federation for Theatre Research IFTR/FIRT and the Association of Nordic Theatre Scholars. He was the editor of a quarterly theatre journal “Lietuvos scena” (“The Stage of Lithuania”) and has authored several academic publications. His newest contribution to a collective monograph “Post-Soviet Lithuanian Theatre: History, Memory, Identity” (in Lithuanian) came out in print in 2014.


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