EVENTO ANNULLATO – 8 marzo 2017. Lezione di Rebecca Joubin

La lezione dell’8 marzo 2017 della prof.ssa Rebecca Jouin del Davidson College, NC. è stata annullata in seguito alle gravi misure adottate dal presidente degli Stati Uniti Donald Trump in materia di immigrazione.

Qui una lettera inviata a Trump da un gruppo di docenti e ricercatori statunitensi

8 marzo 2017
Ex Vetrerie Sciarra
Via dei Volsci, 122
Aula 11 – ore 15

[La lezione si svolgerà in inglese]

The Revolution (or Civil War) Through the Eyes of Syrian Television Drama: A Gendered Perspective

Rebecca Joubin
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Arab Studies
Davidson College, NC (USA)

Political opposition is not new to Syrian drama, which has a rich history of protest from the 1960s. As the tour de force of the television medium, blossoming amidst persistent authoritarianism, these miniseries had served as a crucial and complex artistic avenue through which political and social opposition manifested itself. Prior to the uprising, scholars had tried to come to terms with a highly critical culture produced within state co-optation, and argued that politically critical culture operates as “safety valves” to release frustrations so that dissenters are less likely to mobilize against the government. My research argues against that perspective, which takes agency from drama creators.

Since the uprising, television drama has continued along this critical trajectory. In the past, Syrian drama was known to use every corner of the country, and cast and crew would travel lengthy distances to find the perfect place for filming even the smallest scene. Despite increased bloodshed and security concerns, due to artistic flexibility, innovation, and willingness of some cast and crew to relocate, politically critical Syrian miniseries continue in full force. In this presentation, I will speak about how drama creators from the 1960s used marriage and love metaphors to disguise their political critiques and evade the vigilant eyes of the censorship committee. After briefly examining the history of political critique in Syrian television drama, I will describe several recent miniseries from 2011 to 2016 that offer us a rare glimpse into the multifaceted ways in which intellectuals have accounted for the bloodshed in Syria and proffered their own vision of the future through love, marriage, and sexuality metaphors.

I will also examine the role of the performing arts in revolution by giving voice to these intellectuals as they engage in critical debates. I lived in Syria for about a decade conducting research on Syrian television drama, and spent the summer of 2014, 2015, and 2016 in Beirut observing the new drama season firsthand, conducting interviews with drama creators, and collecting articles in the press.

Scarica il CV di Rebecca Joubin


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